19 May 2015

Last Post!

Hello? Anyone out there?!

Just stopping by to announce that this blog is officially CLOSED for business.

Much like major comic book publications, I've decided to go for a full reboot.

Please check out the new blog at http://morganimated.blogspot.com/

Until then, buh bye!

28 October 2011

Animation!! Uploaded!!

Finally got a vimeo account. It's been a long time coming, so here are TWO things in this update.
First, something that I have been working on and off for about a month. Playing with symbols in Flash.
Haters gonna hate.... struttin' dwarves.

And then an oldie... which has no symbols what-so-ever (what was I thinking?!)
Senior Project #1.
Have had some technical issues in the past few weeks with my new, SHINY website. So, putting this here for your viewing pleasure :)

In other news, going to take a "gun safety" course tomorrow and Sunday. On the second day, I will apparently be firing something at a range. For the first time ever! Upon hearing this news, my mother says "Have fun, but don't shoot your foot off". Thanks for the vote of confidence, Mum. I guess the next logical step here would be to get my permit.

And that's about it for today. All glory to the hypno-toad and whatnot.

27 September 2011


Been watching a LOT of 90's X-Men recently. Why? Because it rules, and it's on Netflix. I FINALLY saw the episode where this internet classic came from: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9fspn3w0PM

Superhero anatomy is craaaaazy. Why does everyone have a six-pack? EVEN THE LADIES?! Trying to experiment with different styles here (still) because I really hate my normal stuff :/
I do like how these came out. And the research for adapting this style to what I'm doing now is fairly simple- watch more superhero cartoons! A solution even I can live with :D
Expect Gambit art in the near future, cuz he's my favourite Cajun.

23 July 2011

intoxicated figures

Oh man, I am terrible at updating this thing.... seriously.
Playing around with posemaniacs.com timed drawings today... 45-60 second intervals:

Anyway, it's 105 F outside, and my roommate and I figured it would be a good day to goof off and drink several Long Island Iced Teas today in the comfort of our AC. Never a bad idea, in my opinion. Except when he sneezes on my cat. That's just bad news for everyone.
Thought I would get some figure drawing in while I am at it, mostly to see just how well 64 bit Photoshop performs with my brand-spanking new system (including... Core i5 processor, 6870 series Radeon graphics card, and a motherboard that supports up to 32 gb of DDR3 memory. Awwww yeah). It's pretty damn good. We're also coming up with ideas for a totally bonkers web comic. More on that to come! Gosh, we are productive drunks!!
I'm going to start weekly updates, I think. At least some figure drawing so you all remember I am alive lol. My phone even has a blogger app, so this really should not be an issue... and yet it is. HMMM.
Anyway, till next time! (Hopefully soon!!)

11 March 2011

Got a Black Magic Woman... In progress.

... a sorceress of some kind? She's not quite a Charlie Sheen warlock, but probably pretty evil. Anything is possible. Honestly, I thought I was going to post something Stargate SG-1 related. Netflix has the whole series on Instant Play, so it's pretty much all I have been watching for the past 3 weeks. There actually was a whole page of Daniel Jacksons being created earlier ... but that was scrapped pretty early.

Also, I've taken up playing WoW again... I don't know how I convinced myself that was a good idea, but I have somehow...
Anyway, I'm on Nazjatar server and have been leveling a Goblin Shaman named Winzigi (Because winzig means tiny in German. And you see, goblins are TINY. AHAHAhaha...ha. So fucking clever, I tell you.) So if anyone who reads this plays... come play with me, dammit.
I've been gearing up to apply at Boston area game companies, as well as trying to organize a summer trip to the west coast to check out studios. Maybe around August for PAX Seattle... Comic-con is not happening this year, mostly due to my own idiocy. I can't believe I forgot what time passes went on sale... and then they sold out so quickly. :(

So, I need to get a job that is not directly dealing with the public. Basically call center BLOWS, and I have no time to do any sketching while I'm there. I started a sketch book when I got hired, and I haven't even filled it half way yet. SHAAAAME. It really is just a paycheck, but it's scary to see how easily one could fall into the trap of working for them for waaaay too many years. I mean, there are some people who have been taking abuse from total champions on the phone for 10+ years. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

So I am now redesigning my website and building some more illustration stuff, then I will be dumping copies of my resume from a plane all over the country. That's the plan anyway. But do I really want to pay for that many copies??

11 December 2010

This is what happens when you work in a call center

Okay, so it pays the bills... but that doesn't mean I have to enjoy it. This is some of what I have been doing from 8-5, Monday - Friday for the past month... When I'm not being yelled at about Health Care Reform, naturally.

I moved to a townhouse about a month back, and it's kind of awesome. There's not one but TWO pools. I have my CHOICE of pools!!!!! AHHHHSDJASKJDASKDJSDJ SO GOOD!!!! 
...Anyway, one of the best perks is that we have a basement. Well, it's really a crawlspace with 4 foot overhead clearance... But whatever, it's a basement to me. It's also the perfect place to shoot some stop motion! My roommate has agreed to help me out with shooting, and lend both his soldering tools AND Dremel. HOT DAMN. So in the next month or so I'll be redoing my senior stop motion piece, and shooting 2-3 shorts. Maybe a longish piece too, depending on how motivated I am to make a pack of homeless robots. I think we're going to attempt ball and socket armatures, as well as green screening something... At this point I'm still ordering parts for the armatures and buying lighting, so plans could change. All I know is that there's a vast crawlspace at our disposal, and I intend to use it for ANIMATIOOOOON. 

14 September 2010


Ok, so as I said previously (2 months ago at this point. Ugh.), the power supply went on my computer. It only got replaced when my boyfriend ordered a hard drive for the sweet ass file server he was building. 
Side note: The server is now complete, and holds 2 TB!!! WOO!! 
So anyway, my computer got some new power and soon after, what must have been a pack of lolcats descended on it and were all like: "O hai, I upgraded ur RAM." 4 gigs of ram, in fact. :) So with the extra ram we decide to install Windows XP 64 because we had a copy lying around. 
Biggest. Mistake. Ever. 
Once the OS is ready, I learn that absolutely nothing I own is compatible with 64 bit XP. So things like CS4, my tablet, and printer just won't work. Luckily Microsoft was, and maybe still is, offering Windows 7 for $23 (32 or 64 bit), plus another $13 if you want the disc. We opted for the disc and waited for 3 weeks until it finally shows up. We get the OS installed, and then comes the true test... will CS4 install?? OHMYGAWD yes it did. And the rest of my stuff works now as well. 
There's only one problem... now Photoshop and Illustrator are really sluggish. Flash works well enough, but I don't have the patience to sit there and watch all the lines I just drew in PS finish piece by piece. Now here's the weird bit. It's an intermittent problem. Today Photoshop seemed fine while I was scanning and adjusting sketches. It's pretty bizarre, eh? :3
Our thoughts are currently that the power supply failure damaged the motherboard and/or processor. I've been meaning to replace them for awhile, but I don't have really any extra money. We're going to try installing Windows 7 32 bit and see if there is any change, but who knows at this point if that will work. : /

So that is my current situation. I have kind of been sketching, so I thought I would dump some stuff here...

SONIIIIIIIIIIIIC! And... Fat Tails. I was sort of playing around with the idea of a washed up Sonic the Hedgehog and friends (most of which is not shown because it was TURRIBLE) ...IDK.

I got my boyfriend to watch all of Avatar: The Last Airbender in like... 4 days. Awesome. 

There are plans for a huge stuffed Appa in the works. Maybe for Christmas? :3

02 July 2010

Getting my ass into gear... 1st gear...

So aside from playing more than a healthy amount of DDR and working my part time job, I haven't really done all that much so far this summer. I think I really needed an actual vacation har har.
Since I am a horrible art student and don't own a Mac, working on making a decent compilation reel has sort of fallen to the wayside for now. I'm saving up for either a car or an IMac, and right now the latter seems to be the most appealing, since I do kind of want a job in the near future. (But there are so many new hatchbacks that I want to purchase!!!) We shall see where my money gets thrown once I become more desperate to pay off those rather intimidating college loans :/.
I have also been away from the computer for a bit since the power supply burnt out about a week ago, but the new one came in yesterday, so now I really don't have much of an excuse for ignoring the things that I probably should be doing.

I don't really know what this is, I just needed to screw around with colouring styles... Half-inspired by Lilith from Borderlands, but that's about where the thought process ended!

02 May 2010

Hello Clariiiice

My senior show is "jail break" themed, so we are making caricatures of ourselves as inmates and criminals for posters.
I'm pretty satisfied with how if came out. I hope I made Tom Harris proud lol

27 April 2010

The Final Stretch, the Final.... Countdown?

The end of the semester, which is also the end of school FOREVER, is fast approaching!
I _think_ I am kind of on track. Sort of...
I put together more backgrounds tonight!
Since one is a SPOILER, I'm only posting one : P

It's the inside of the bank I posted a few weeks ago.
I'm actually kind of enjoying this simple geometric background stuff. I don't want to overdo it in future projects, but maybe with some refinement I can have a real "style" going.
Or something like that.