02 July 2010

Getting my ass into gear... 1st gear...

So aside from playing more than a healthy amount of DDR and working my part time job, I haven't really done all that much so far this summer. I think I really needed an actual vacation har har.
Since I am a horrible art student and don't own a Mac, working on making a decent compilation reel has sort of fallen to the wayside for now. I'm saving up for either a car or an IMac, and right now the latter seems to be the most appealing, since I do kind of want a job in the near future. (But there are so many new hatchbacks that I want to purchase!!!) We shall see where my money gets thrown once I become more desperate to pay off those rather intimidating college loans :/.
I have also been away from the computer for a bit since the power supply burnt out about a week ago, but the new one came in yesterday, so now I really don't have much of an excuse for ignoring the things that I probably should be doing.

I don't really know what this is, I just needed to screw around with colouring styles... Half-inspired by Lilith from Borderlands, but that's about where the thought process ended!