25 March 2010

My job would be so much easier if we lived on a blank piece of paper.

Just finished my second background!!
I was actually thinking this time around, and only have a few backgrounds in total! I am on my way to being done with these beasts.
Take a look :3

23 March 2010

Game Production

It's official, YO.  If you have an ipod touch/iphone you should download it (it's free)!! Also, it's super easy to beat. Seriously, I made it pretty short and relatively easy to get through. You will feel super good about yourself as a gamer. Think of your self esteem!!!

Since I put this thing together pretty quickly, I kind of want to try again. Maybe not this same concept of run/jump over things, but something else iphone worthy? We'll see what the future holds... lol.

17 March 2010

A Certain Shade of Green

As most everyone knows, today is St. Patrick's Day. It is an auspicious occasion, when you can get completely drunk out of your mind at 11 am... and it's considered socially acceptable! Well, maybe not... but who's going to stop you? ;)

It also happens to be my dad's birthday. As a kid, we usually got him the same lame 5 or 6 St.Patrick's/Birthday cards that they made throughout the 90's, but certain years we would be able to spice things up with cards featuring our favourite penguin, Opus (from the comic series "Bloom County" by Berkeley Breathed. There is actually an Opus Christmas movie called: "A Wish for Wings that Work". It is one of the very few holiday movies I still enjoy... so I think it is pretty damn good :3).

Since Bloom County is pretty much obsolete now, I can't really get him an Opus card like I used to... So I think a quick sketch of the little guy enjoying the holiday will have to do!

Happy Birthday, Dad!! : )

03 March 2010


Recently I have been falling asleep watching episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. So when I went to do a few warm ups tonight before working on business card designs... that was really all I could think of.
Yep. I am a huge freaking nerd.
 I'm just going to leave this here...