17 March 2010

A Certain Shade of Green

As most everyone knows, today is St. Patrick's Day. It is an auspicious occasion, when you can get completely drunk out of your mind at 11 am... and it's considered socially acceptable! Well, maybe not... but who's going to stop you? ;)

It also happens to be my dad's birthday. As a kid, we usually got him the same lame 5 or 6 St.Patrick's/Birthday cards that they made throughout the 90's, but certain years we would be able to spice things up with cards featuring our favourite penguin, Opus (from the comic series "Bloom County" by Berkeley Breathed. There is actually an Opus Christmas movie called: "A Wish for Wings that Work". It is one of the very few holiday movies I still enjoy... so I think it is pretty damn good :3).

Since Bloom County is pretty much obsolete now, I can't really get him an Opus card like I used to... So I think a quick sketch of the little guy enjoying the holiday will have to do!

Happy Birthday, Dad!! : )

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