28 October 2011

Animation!! Uploaded!!

Finally got a vimeo account. It's been a long time coming, so here are TWO things in this update.
First, something that I have been working on and off for about a month. Playing with symbols in Flash.
Haters gonna hate.... struttin' dwarves.

And then an oldie... which has no symbols what-so-ever (what was I thinking?!)
Senior Project #1.
Have had some technical issues in the past few weeks with my new, SHINY website. So, putting this here for your viewing pleasure :)

In other news, going to take a "gun safety" course tomorrow and Sunday. On the second day, I will apparently be firing something at a range. For the first time ever! Upon hearing this news, my mother says "Have fun, but don't shoot your foot off". Thanks for the vote of confidence, Mum. I guess the next logical step here would be to get my permit.

And that's about it for today. All glory to the hypno-toad and whatnot.

27 September 2011


Been watching a LOT of 90's X-Men recently. Why? Because it rules, and it's on Netflix. I FINALLY saw the episode where this internet classic came from: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9fspn3w0PM

Superhero anatomy is craaaaazy. Why does everyone have a six-pack? EVEN THE LADIES?! Trying to experiment with different styles here (still) because I really hate my normal stuff :/
I do like how these came out. And the research for adapting this style to what I'm doing now is fairly simple- watch more superhero cartoons! A solution even I can live with :D
Expect Gambit art in the near future, cuz he's my favourite Cajun.

23 July 2011

intoxicated figures

Oh man, I am terrible at updating this thing.... seriously.
Playing around with posemaniacs.com timed drawings today... 45-60 second intervals:

Anyway, it's 105 F outside, and my roommate and I figured it would be a good day to goof off and drink several Long Island Iced Teas today in the comfort of our AC. Never a bad idea, in my opinion. Except when he sneezes on my cat. That's just bad news for everyone.
Thought I would get some figure drawing in while I am at it, mostly to see just how well 64 bit Photoshop performs with my brand-spanking new system (including... Core i5 processor, 6870 series Radeon graphics card, and a motherboard that supports up to 32 gb of DDR3 memory. Awwww yeah). It's pretty damn good. We're also coming up with ideas for a totally bonkers web comic. More on that to come! Gosh, we are productive drunks!!
I'm going to start weekly updates, I think. At least some figure drawing so you all remember I am alive lol. My phone even has a blogger app, so this really should not be an issue... and yet it is. HMMM.
Anyway, till next time! (Hopefully soon!!)

11 March 2011

Got a Black Magic Woman... In progress.

... a sorceress of some kind? She's not quite a Charlie Sheen warlock, but probably pretty evil. Anything is possible. Honestly, I thought I was going to post something Stargate SG-1 related. Netflix has the whole series on Instant Play, so it's pretty much all I have been watching for the past 3 weeks. There actually was a whole page of Daniel Jacksons being created earlier ... but that was scrapped pretty early.

Also, I've taken up playing WoW again... I don't know how I convinced myself that was a good idea, but I have somehow...
Anyway, I'm on Nazjatar server and have been leveling a Goblin Shaman named Winzigi (Because winzig means tiny in German. And you see, goblins are TINY. AHAHAhaha...ha. So fucking clever, I tell you.) So if anyone who reads this plays... come play with me, dammit.
I've been gearing up to apply at Boston area game companies, as well as trying to organize a summer trip to the west coast to check out studios. Maybe around August for PAX Seattle... Comic-con is not happening this year, mostly due to my own idiocy. I can't believe I forgot what time passes went on sale... and then they sold out so quickly. :(

So, I need to get a job that is not directly dealing with the public. Basically call center BLOWS, and I have no time to do any sketching while I'm there. I started a sketch book when I got hired, and I haven't even filled it half way yet. SHAAAAME. It really is just a paycheck, but it's scary to see how easily one could fall into the trap of working for them for waaaay too many years. I mean, there are some people who have been taking abuse from total champions on the phone for 10+ years. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

So I am now redesigning my website and building some more illustration stuff, then I will be dumping copies of my resume from a plane all over the country. That's the plan anyway. But do I really want to pay for that many copies??