23 July 2011

intoxicated figures

Oh man, I am terrible at updating this thing.... seriously.
Playing around with posemaniacs.com timed drawings today... 45-60 second intervals:

Anyway, it's 105 F outside, and my roommate and I figured it would be a good day to goof off and drink several Long Island Iced Teas today in the comfort of our AC. Never a bad idea, in my opinion. Except when he sneezes on my cat. That's just bad news for everyone.
Thought I would get some figure drawing in while I am at it, mostly to see just how well 64 bit Photoshop performs with my brand-spanking new system (including... Core i5 processor, 6870 series Radeon graphics card, and a motherboard that supports up to 32 gb of DDR3 memory. Awwww yeah). It's pretty damn good. We're also coming up with ideas for a totally bonkers web comic. More on that to come! Gosh, we are productive drunks!!
I'm going to start weekly updates, I think. At least some figure drawing so you all remember I am alive lol. My phone even has a blogger app, so this really should not be an issue... and yet it is. HMMM.
Anyway, till next time! (Hopefully soon!!)

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