31 January 2010

Mythology Final Project

... or page 1 of my project, to be more accurate.
I don't really "do" comic books... so I wanted to challenge myself (SHOCK). I obviously haven't finished the story, and those pages should be posted tomorrow once I finish inking them and adding text. It's going to be a long night! And I really wanted to play WoW work on my animatic for Projects ; )
Also, I didn't write the text. It's from my textbook... so it's a little awful. I apologize!!!
(Click for full size... it's a big one. )

27 January 2010

Backwards man, backwards man

He can walk backwards fast as you can!!

As a "twist", he is walking slowly due of crappy animated .gif form, because I am lazy.
This is what I do when I should be productive on my final mythology project. (To be posted when it's doooooone)

24 January 2010

Official Deathstar Storm Troopers.

I was finally able to sit down for a few hours today and go through Halo 3 ODST's campaign. It wasn't as good as actual Halo 3, but I am all about silenced SMGs. They aren't useless, and this pleases me! But the introduction of a new species, which happens to be exploding engineer bubble things, was a little odd. What kind of species would be described as "flammable" anyway???
So this inevitably lead to doodling Halo related stuff afterward, while I watched Coco Christopher's last Tonight Show. Side note: If I were in that audience I would have stolen La Bamba... just putting that out there.

06 January 2010

Stuff done in Fall 2009 at AIB

The title screen to my iphone game (which may or may not see the light of iTunes someday)

The only piece I made in Digittal Trio that I liked, and it's NOT done in Illustrator (shock)

There really isn't much else I was that thrilled with this semester, so this is what you get : 3

- morgan

First post with meaning!

First piece of 2010! : )

Do a Barrel Roll!... I mean, do a handstand! The hardest part is kicking off, I swear!
I was feeling nostalgic and thought back to those days long ago when I wanted to be a gymnast... I can't even do a split now. UGH. Where has the flexibility gone??! I blame art school.

Illustrator is beginning to become a close, personal friend of mine. I'm quite happy that I took a class to learn it last semester. (pieces from said class to be posted soon!)

- morgan