11 December 2010

This is what happens when you work in a call center

Okay, so it pays the bills... but that doesn't mean I have to enjoy it. This is some of what I have been doing from 8-5, Monday - Friday for the past month... When I'm not being yelled at about Health Care Reform, naturally.

I moved to a townhouse about a month back, and it's kind of awesome. There's not one but TWO pools. I have my CHOICE of pools!!!!! AHHHHSDJASKJDASKDJSDJ SO GOOD!!!! 
...Anyway, one of the best perks is that we have a basement. Well, it's really a crawlspace with 4 foot overhead clearance... But whatever, it's a basement to me. It's also the perfect place to shoot some stop motion! My roommate has agreed to help me out with shooting, and lend both his soldering tools AND Dremel. HOT DAMN. So in the next month or so I'll be redoing my senior stop motion piece, and shooting 2-3 shorts. Maybe a longish piece too, depending on how motivated I am to make a pack of homeless robots. I think we're going to attempt ball and socket armatures, as well as green screening something... At this point I'm still ordering parts for the armatures and buying lighting, so plans could change. All I know is that there's a vast crawlspace at our disposal, and I intend to use it for ANIMATIOOOOON. 

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